Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meeting in Halberstadt

The day after I went to Hildesheim, I returned to Halberstadt on Tuesday April 19 to meet with a couple people at the museum.  Recall my previous visit to Halberstadt (link).  I had an appointment to meet with one of the directors of the Cathedral Museum, as well as a woman who is writing a catalog about the textiles in the Halberstadt collection.

I arrived and we exchanged pleasantries in German, which is perfectly within my wheel-house by now.  As they led me into the office, I explained (in German) that my German is not actually that great.  They both insisted (again, in German) that my German was certainly better than their English-- which I seriously doubt, but they were insistent.  So we agreed we would speak slowly and simply in German for the rest of the meeting.  (!!!!!!)  I was really impressed by how much I understood while they spoke and at my ability to find the right vocabulary I needed to express myself.  Of course there were times I had to say a word or phrase in English because I couldn't find the words or grammar in German.  But, for the most part, our entire meeting was auf Deutsch!!  I was amazed!

We looked at some of the photos I had taken during my previous visit to Halberstadt, discussed the materials and techniques used in their production, tossed around ideas about where and by whom the embroideries were made, and talked about my dissertation interests and all of my travels.  They were very open, enthusiastic, and supportive.  I am always so encouraged when professionals in my field and areas of interest are so helpful and excited about my work!

Here are my favorite photos from Halberstadt which I posted previously-- These are the ones I printed and took to the meeting:

After our meeting, I took some more photographs of the cathedral and the Romanesque church across the street.  Just another beautiful day doing what I love!!!

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