Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Everyone Needs a Little Good News Now and Again! (The Resolution of Altomuenster)

Good news, y'all!  Please take a moment to read the story published by ASU Now about the resolution of the library at the Birgittine monastery in Altomuenster.

Link: ASU Scholars Save Priceless Manuscripts from Obscurity

You might even recognize some of the photos in the article as those taken by yours truly.

Thanks for following the story and to those who signed the petition and helped raise awareness!

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  1. Hi Bevin! I'm an art history student at the University of Chicago, studying textiles made by medieval nuns. I'm planning to come to Germany this coming winter to photograph textiles for an upcoming paper. Kloster Marienberg is definitely on my list, as is the Hanover-Kestner collection -- I was wondering if you knew of any other collections of white-work/early medieval embroidery (most of my work is c. 1300). Is Kloster Lune, for example, worth a trip?