Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sushi Night and The Last Supper

Katja, Frederique, Sophia, Me, Alberto, Matthias, and Gundula at The Last Supper
Over the past seven months here in Wolfenbüttel, we have had countless dinner parties at Sophia and Matthias’ flat here in town.  They have a full kitchen and more space than those of us in the guest houses, so it is a great space for everyone to gather.  Sophia is an excellent cook and hostess, and I pride myself in being the best sous chef I can be!  I’ll do anything for someone else to cook for me…

On Monday May 30, it was our office-mate Julia’s turn to be in charge of the dinner party.  She has made sushi before and we all decided that would be a great group activity, and would have the added benefit of being delicious!  So Julia made the sticky sushi rice in advance, and then we compiled the rolls and such once we got to Sophia’s.  Julia also made a delicious soup and a wilted spinach salad to round out the whole affair!

Each of us trying to use chopsticks was some major entertainment, and the meal was DELICIOUS!!  As always, we enjoyed each other’s company, talked, laughed, and ate until we were miserable, before topping it all off with ice cream before the night ended!

Frederique, Sophia, Julia, Maria, Gundula, Katja, and Alberto ready to feast!
It is, unfortunately, the end of an era now.  Sophia had to move out of Matthias’ flat, and so she hosted one final Last Supper (now the first image in this post makes more sense...).

Sophia prepared salmon, which I am told was very tasty, and Matthias and Alberto made a super pasta with lemon-butter sauce.  The grand finale was a cake that Sophia invented!  Spekulatius is a type of German cookie.  Apparently it is usually associated with Christmas (involves cinnamon, cloves, etc.), but I’ll be the first to tell you it is also delicious in June!  She mixed some spekulatius spices with a vanilla bean cake, and we spread spekulaas cream in between the cake’s layers, before crumbling some spekulatius cookies on top of the vanilla bean icing!  That sucker weighed about 1,000 pounds but was AMAZINGGGG! 

The hosts with the most! Prost to Sophia and Matthias!

The Last Supper was a totally fitting way to celebrate all of the amazing evenings, meals, and memories we have shared at Matthias’ flat.  Sophia will leave us soon, but I hope someone else can fill the shoes of the hostess with the mostess (and cook dinner for me)!!!

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